Expat Life Coaching

Life coaching for expats and expat partners
Expat Coaching & Expat Partner Coaching Moving to another country and settling into a new culture and work culture is a major life change and life changing experience. It offers you new adventures. New opportunities. New cultural insights. New friendships. New possibilities. New energy.  Growth. It may, however, also cause tension. Strain. Insecurity. Frustration. Conflict. […]

Repatriate Coaching

Coaching for Danish repats
Re-Entry Coaching for Repatriates Few realise that moving back to Denmark after years of living abroad can be just as challenging as leaving – actually sometimes even more. Regardless of the reason for your return – maybe the posting periode ended, or you came back for family or career reasons – repats will often face […]

Stress Coaching

Stress reduction & prevention
Stress Coaching Do you feel stressed? Experience frequent headaches? Having trouble sleeping? Feel restless? Is your head working overtime? Do you feel overwhelmed or overloaded with life? Stress has many triggers and causes and it affects us all individually. High stress levels over a prolonged period of time can be very damaging to your physical […]