Expat Life Coaching

Life coaching for expats and expat partners
Expat Coaching & Expat Partner Coaching

Moving to another country and settling into a new culture and work culture is a major life change and life changing experience. It offers you new adventures. New opportunities. New cultural insights. New friendships. New possibilities. New energy.  Growth.

It may, however, also cause tension. Strain. Insecurity. Frustration. Conflict. Crisis. Stress.

For expat partners, time abroad can be especially paved with difficulties. Feel overwhelming. Cause disappointment and dissatisfaction. Lead to confusion, anxiety, identity loss and perhaps a sense of unfulfilment.

As an Expat Life Coach and Expat Partner Coach I help yo identify your challenges and obstacles, and find strategies and methods to cope with the not-so-easy challenges of living abroad – or simply living life in general.

  • Culture shock and cultural adjustment
  • Personal issues like loneliness, boredom, homesickness or social isolation
  • Existential issues like loss of identity and self
  • Relationship issues
  • Family issues
  • Work-related issues such as job and career disappointments, work pressure or workplace issues

Please call or message me for a talk about your specific situation.