Repatriate Coaching

Coaching for Danish repats
Re-Entry Coaching for Repatriates

Few realise that moving back to Denmark after years of living abroad can be just as challenging as leaving – actually sometimes even more. Regardless of the reason for your return – maybe the posting periode ended, or you came back for family or career reasons – repats will often face unexpected personal and professional challenges. Not to mention reverse culture shock.

You may run into obstacles in the Danish job market finding a job that matches your new experience and qualifications, or even finding a job at all. For partners that have put their careers on hold while abroad or for non-Danish partners moving to Denmark, this challenge is even greater.

Your own personal journey or the things and services you have become accustomed to during your stay abroad may also make Denmark feel less like home again. You are not the same person you were when you left. This goes for the entire expat family.  And the wheels kept on turning at home as well while you were gone.

As a Repat Coach I help you cope with the frustrations of resettling and find strategies to support you through a smoother transition. Re-entry coaching helps you to:

  • prevent and reduce stress
  • a smoother landing and easier and faster reintegration
  • build new relationships and rebuild old ones
  • boost your confidence and motivation
  • define your competences and reinvent yourself
  • establish positive and realistic expectations