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Stress reduction & prevention
Stress Coaching

Do you feel stressed? Experience frequent headaches? Are you having trouble sleeping? Feel restless? Is your head working overtime? Do you feel overwhelmed or overloaded with life?

Stress has many triggers and causes and it affects us all individually. High stress levels over a prolonged period of time can be very damaging to your physical and mental health and affect your relationships and performance. Stress coaching gives you the tools to manage current stress and prevent unhealthy stress levels.

During our sessions we identify the symptoms and causes of stress in your specific situation and find strategies and coping methods to reduce stress and maintain a more healthy balance. Stress coaching teaches you to recognise potential stressors and cope better with them when they arise.

If you are affected by stress – or think you may be – please contact me so we can talk about whether stress coaching could be an option for you.

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