Expat Employee Package

Support package for your expat / repat employee

Coaching package for expat employees. Please contact me for further info.

Expat Family Package

Coaching package for your expat employee and/or spouse

Coaching package for expat employees and family. Please contact me for further info.

Talks & Workshops – International/Cultural Topics

International/cultural topics

I provide talks or workshops for specific groups of employees, teams, HR employees and/or management. Topics include:

  • Cultural awareness and cross-cultural understanding
  • Relocation, change and transition
  • Expat wellbeing
    • Typically includes the strain and stress of transitions, the expat adjustment cycle, general pitfalls plus suggested strategies for smoother transition and integration

Standard or tailor-made options available.

Please contact me to hear more.

Talks & Workshops – Changes/Transitions

How to deal with change and transition

Stress Coaching Package

Individual coaching sessions for employees

Stress coaching package for your employees of various duration. Focuses on stress reduction and stress prevention. Contact me for further info.

Employee Wellbeing Workshops

Wellbeing, stress reduction and stress prevention

I facilitate workshops on employee wellbeing and stress management for teams or groups, tailor-made to your company’s needs and profile. Focus is on stress reduction and stress prevention. Please contact me for further info and a talk about your specific requests and requirements.